Red Lodge Mountain is a popular place in Montana, where many people come together for various events throughout the entire year. Not only that but the beautiful views from the ski lifts make you feel like you can take on the world around you. With many places to visit, see, dine and stay; there is plenty for you to do while you’re in Montana visiting the Red Lodge Mountain Resort.


Many hotels offer rooms and special rates for those that wish to stay and play on the slopes. Beartooth Ski and Stay at Rockcreek Resort is one of the most popular choices for families that are coming to the area. Packages start at $84 per person and include your tickets to the slopes.

The Yodeler Motel and Two Bears Inn both provide luxury accommodations for those that wish to stay and play but do so in luxury. With gourmet meals being offered in both, there is something for everyone. Prices start around $180 a night for both. As well, as numerous other options for lodging in the area.


When the weather warms up, and the slopes are no longer able to be used, golf is oftentimes found in the resort. Weddings can also be held in many of the larger ballrooms throughout the resort, providing a little something for everyone.

Rated as one of the top adventure towns, the town provides a lot of things to do, activities, shops, places of interest and even historical information for those that are visiting. Take a walk through the scenic trails, or visit each of the shops that are operating in the heart of the town.

Tickets and Lessons Offered

Lesson packages start at just $49 for those that are interested in learning how to ski or snowboard before hitting the slopes. Rentals are available all day long, allowing those that do not have the equipment to rent some, while lift tickets run around $53 for adults for all day passes, and just $42 to $22 for children, depending on their ages for an all-day lift package.

Finding something to do in this small town is not hard to do. With Red Lodge Mountain that provides every connection that you need, and many activities all year round, there is something for everyone to enjoy when they visit. Find out what wonders await you when you visit the resort and take a ride down the slopes, or a swing on the green.

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